"And all of this I have created for you; therefore take great care that you do not damage and destroy My world, for if you do there is no one else to put right what you have destroyed." 

וכל מה שבראתי, בשבילך בראתי, תן דעתך שלא תקלקל ותחריב את עולמי, שאם קלקלת אין מי שיתקן אחריך

-Kohelet Rabbah 7:13:1

Parsha Curriculum

We created a lesson for every parsha of the year. Access it all now for just $2 / week. If that’s too expensive, pay what you can.


Using the garden as an experiential classroom, our lessons explore the Torah relationships between humans, the earth, and our fellow creatures. 

Specifically, we teach around our 4 core values:

  1. Incubating Emunah

  2. Cultivating Compassion for all creatures

  3. Stewarding the Earth

  4. Reimagining Tzedakah


For sample lessons, please click the pictures below: (The files will open in a new window)


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