We love collaborating with new organizations! We have several different partnership models, as explained below. Please reach out with any questions, using the form at the bottom of this page.


* Full Partners *

We are privileged to partner with the following schools, creating Educational Torah garden programs. At each site, we build beautiful vegetable gardens, where our staff teach weekly lessons for the students throughout the growing season. 

* Associate Partners *

We are privileged to work with the following schools as Associate Partners. We advise and train their staff to run successful educational garden programs at their school.


* Summer 2019 Partners *

For Summer 2019, we partnered with the following organizations to run educational garden programs


* Educational Partners *

We work with the following organizations on various educational initiatives:


We are eternally grateful to the many individual donors who help support GrowTorah. In particular, we express our gratitude to Emmanuel J Friedman Philanthropies for their generous grants to help fund our work.



Become a Partner:

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