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Intro to Backyard Veggie Gardening Workshop (White Plains)

Hosted by the Steltzer Family

Dig in with us as we build a garden from (almost) scratch! This family-friendly workshop will cover many basics of starting your own (small) container garden. We’ll build a raised bed, fill it with soil, and plant a variety of flowers, herbs, and veggies. This will be a very basic workshop, covering some fundamentals of organic gardening, in a very accessible manner. If you know nothing about plants, this is for you!

Topics to be covered:

  • Planning your garden: location, soil choice, container selection

  • Crop planning: what to plant, and when

  • Companion Planting: Which plants are friends, and which are foes?

  • What brachot can we make in the garden?

  • How can organic pest management help us with Torah observance?

Additional Notes:

  • Children are welcome at this event, but it is geared towards adults.

  • Space is limited.

  • Event address will be sent in confirmation email.

For more info, email yosef (at)